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IAEE Central Texas Chapter Certified in Exhibition Management (CEM)

IAEE Central Texas Chapter Certified in Exhibition Management (CEM)

The CEM Learning Program is the cutting-edge educational opportunity designed for exhibition industry professionals to succeed. The CEM curriculum, a dependable source of specific knowledge for all individuals, emphasizes direct application to daily challenges. Because of the emphasis on practical knowledge, the CEM Learning Program is first, an educational program, and second, a certification program.

Education Brought To Life

The CEM curriculum, a dependable source of specific knowledge for all individuals in the exhibition industry, emphasizes direct application to daily challenges. Each CEM Learning Program strengthens the connection between business goals, personal expertise and the human elements involved in getting the job done.

CEM: The Professional Standard

Certified in Exhibition ManagementBeyond the classroom hours, comprehensive examinations and networking, the CEM designation stands for uncompromising quality, practical application of knowledge and a career-long commitment to education and professional recognition. Symbolizing achievement, commitment and a place among the top ranking professionals in the worldwide exhibition and events industry, CEM is the designation that will set you apart from the rest.

For complete information about all CEM courses, dates, and locations see the IAEE website: www.iaee.com/cem.

Questions? Contact CEM Committee Chair Charles E. Gallatin, CAE, CEM, CTM at 512/451-9867, charles@expotexllc.com or Co-chair Julie Nelson, CEM, at 508/737-6986, jnelson@cdsreg.com


Taje Allen, Austin Convention Center Department
Diane Armstrong, CEM, Austin Convention Center Department
Sharon Beard, CEM, Freeman
Rick Bissonett, CMP, CEM, Horizon Meetings Inc
Cynthia Boyle, CEM, Texas Library Association
Cindy Ferguson, CEM, Association of Progressive Rental Organizations
Mel Forehand, CEM, CMP, Texas Restaurant Association
Dana A. Fuller, CEM, Texas Food & Fuel Association
Charles E. Gallatin, CAE, CEM, CTM, ExpoTex LLC
Steven Hacker CAE, FASAE, CEM, Bravo Management Group
Tesa Harding, CEM, Texas Music Educators Association
Janice Y. Hughes, CEM, Hughes & Associates
Teddy Kim, CEM, Austin Convention Center Department
George E. Kocian, CEM, Freeman
Paula Lerash, CEM, Texas Dental Association
Al Lomas, CMP, CMM, CFE, CEM, Certified Consulting Service
Troy Love, CMP, CEM, CTA, San Antonio Convention & Visitors Bureau
Daniel McKinnon, CEM, Access Intelligence LLC
Belinda Nash-Harris, CEM, Austin Convention Center Department
Julie Nelson, CEM, Convention Data Services Inc
Mark P Peterson, CHME, CEM, Freeman
Amy Prenger, CEM, Texas Nursery & Landscape Association Inc
Yolanda Ramirez, CEM, American Payroll Association
David Rice, CEM, Schur Management & Consulting Corp
Larry Schur, CEM, Schur Management & Consulting Corp
Eric V. Seemann, CEM, CMP, Innoventions Alliance Inc
Jeanne Seemann, CEM, Innoventions Alliance Inc
Alycia Sparkman, CEM, CMP, Austin Convention Center Department
Kayla Sparks, CEM, Access Intelligence LLC
Rebecca Stevens, CMP-HC, CEM, Texas Medical Association
Judilynn Sunden, CEM, Schur Management & Consulting Corp
John Vlieger, CMP, CEM, San Antonio Convention & Visitors Bureau
Melissa Wilson, CEM, CAE, Texas Medical Association
Mary B. Yanes, CEM, MY Event!

IAEE Changes CEM Recertification Requirements for 2012

CEM LogoIAEE has made changes to their recertification requirements that will affect CEMs in the Central Texas Chapter. The changes were driven in part by feedback from member CEMs that the educational offerings of the CEM Learning Programs were too limiting. According to a release from IAEE, the changes “will allow you the flexibility to tailor your advanced CEM education to meet your professional needs and fulfill your CEM recertification requirements at the same time.”

Two years ago IAEE changed the recertification cycle from two years to three, and increased the required credit hours from 6 to 12. Those credits could be earned a number of ways, but they were usually obtained from taking one of the CEM Learning Programs offered by IAEE or an affiliate chapter such as our Central Texas Chapter. Credit hours could also be obtained by serving as an instructor or attending a pre-approved course that was at least 3 hours in length.

Effective January 10 of this year, IAEE has broadened the options available to CEMs to get the credits they need to recertify. However IAEE now also requires participants to complete 15 credit hours of industry–related, continuing education within their three-year recertification cycle. Significantly, three of those credit hours may now be earned through participation in approved IAEE activities, such as by participation on the Board or a committee of a local chapter. Approved IAEE activities are equivalent to one hour each and include:

  • Participation in an IAEE board, committee, task force or chapter
  • Leadership role in an IAEE board, committee, task force or chapter
  • Published author
  • Speaker at an event on an industry-related subject
  • IAEE Krakoff Leadership Institute or Each One Reach One Mentor
  • Proctor a CEM Exam (outside of CEM instruction)
  • Serve as a Facilitator for an IAEE Course (Such as Sales Academy, Krakoff Leadership Institute, Krakoff Advanced Leadership Institute, or the CEM Learning Program. CEM Faculty will earn three service credit hours and three continuing education hours for the first course taught during a three-year recertification cycle.)

Although it will not affect most CEMs, recertification may also be accomplished by earning a bachelor’s degree or an advanced degree within their 3-year cycle. No other credits are required for this method.

In order for industry-related continuing education to apply it must be one hour or longer and be related to the CEM Blueprint. The CEM Blueprint lays out the various areas of study within the expo and event management field, and offers a broad array of educational opportunities.

According to IAEE, CEMs with a renewal date of 2011 who have an approved extension will fall under the 2011 Recertification Requirements. CEMs with a recertification renewal date of 2012 and beyond will fall under the new 2012 CEM recertification requirements outlined here. Additional information and the recertification form is available at http://www.iaee.com/cem/cem-recertification/.

Charles Gallatin
CEM Committee Chair

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